The “Let’s All Remember How Horrible Jill Was” Memorial Wall

Welcome to the “Let’s All Remember How Horrible Jill Was” Memorial Wall

This is a place for everyone to list their horrible memories of Jill J. Gwin. She was killed two years ago in a car accident that was her fault after having driven away nearly everyone who cared about her. I first got the idea after being inspired by this incredible obituary. It has three intended purposes:

1. To allow a space for the many people Jill has wronged to air our grievances. We were never going to get our day in court, and her passing the way that she did robbed us of what little closure we may have gotten while she was alive.

2. To serve as a deterrent to anyone who thinks they can get away with being this awful and not face any consequences. If you care at all about your legacy, don’t treat people like garbage, or this might happen to you after you die.

3. To remind everyone who reads it that monsters walk amongst us, walking and talking, eating and shitting and breathing just like anyone else. They’re mothers, fathers, teachers, pastors, cops, actors, leaders of entire nations. If you think something is wrong, speak up before it’s too late. It’s better to risk being wrong than to allow severe human rights violations to happen right under your nose.

Submit Your Memories

If you have a memory (or two or 500) that you’d like to share, please email it to me at: kiela<dot>gwin<at>gmail<dot>com. Let me know whether you’d like your name to be included or whether you’d prefer to remain anonymous.

I’m sure there are a few of you will judge me for doing this and express outrage over the open airing of dirty laundry and defamation of the dead. I have two things to say to this:

1) You probably never experienced Jill at her worst and can’t possibly understand why this is necessary. Lucky you.
2) Sue me if you like, but I don’t think Jill made any friends dedicated enough to defend her in this manner.

Without further ado:


1. This is the one that people express the most shock at, but it’s hardly the worst thing she did. When I was nine years old, I had a stash of Halloween candy. I was allowed to have one piece per day. Seeing as how I was a hungry kid and there was candy in my room, I predictably ate more than one piece a day and stashed the wrappers in my pillowcase.

Her boyfriend found the wrappers and I blamed the dog for eating the candy. I wasn’t a very talented liar.

The evening’s activities came to a close when Jill bashed my head against the tile flooring in the bathroom so hard that I probably had a concussion. I passed out while cleaning the kitty litter box at around 2am. – Kiela

2. She told me my painting looked like it was made by a five-year-old. – Anonymous

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